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Howard Hodgkin: Memories Paintings 1978 - 1999 at Hazlitt Holland and Hibbert, December 2020.

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

In December 2020 I visited the Howard Hodgkin exhibition at Hazlitt, Holland and Hibbert.

Howard Hodgkin is one of my favourite artists. I love the way he uses colours which are vibrant but also harmonious, painted in overlapping layers creating a sense depth.

After visiting David Hockney 1991 - 92

His abstract works are based on memories of people and places, the titles of which give a clue to the subject matter. The press release notes that:- "Collectively, the exhibition reveals Hodgkin’s unrivalled prowess in investing apparently abstract compositions with private and often intimate significance, and it evokes the wide-ranging nature of his subject matter, which he described as: Views through windows, landscapes, even occasionally a still-life, to memories of holidays, encounters with interiors and art collections, other people, other bodies, love affairs, sexual encounters and emotional situations of all kinds."

In Tangier 1987 - 1990

Originally planned to open from 1 October to 11 December 2020, the exhibition was forced to close prematurely in October because of the pandemic, only to re-open for a final few days in December.

Clean Sheets 1982 - 1984

(On loan from Tate)

The exhibition included works from 1978 - 1999. I first saw Hogkinn's work in person in 1996 at the Haywork Gallery and also visited the major retrospective at the Tate Britain in 2006. This exhibition included works from those earlier shows which I recognised from before. At that first exhibition at the Hayward, I remember being blown away by the vibrant colours.

Venice Sunset 1989

Hodgkin often took several years to complete a painting, returning to rework and add layers. They are painted on wood and he painted on the frames as part of the painting.

Small Indian Sky 1990

This was a loan exhibition with work loaned from the Tate and private collections, museum quality works of art in a small setting. As always with Howard Hodgkin, the colours were amazing and lit up the interior of the gallery.

The Spectator 1984 - 87

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